Welcome to the universe of Georges Alloro, Master of Art.s

« If I am a maker of new instruments, I owe it to the combination of two elements without which I think this adventure would never have been possible :
- being at once the instrument maker and the musician indisputably creates the conditions for a far greater freedom of invention,
- the apprenticeship in diverse crafts which I have benefited from among craftsmen of the Old Port area in Nice, where I was born and spent my childhood. From the very beginning, I have been interested in all manual trades and in 40 years of working I have acquired the basics of a great many techniques and knowledge of the most varied materials. I use both in the creation of my instruments.

As a Master of Art, my mission is to pass on the knowledge, techniques, skill and interest in musical cultures of the world to my pupil Gontran Onraedt, also a musician. Our main objective is to bring innovation to the service of musicians who wish to enhance the musical potential of their instruments.

As you browse through the site, you will understand the reasons that have prompted me to become a maker of new instruments, a specialist in made-to-measure Instrumental Creation and Customized Instruments. You’ll discover some of the instruments that I have created. The “Workshop Journal” section will enable you to follow the evolution of models currently being designed in our workshops. The “What people are saying” section is dedicated to press releases and filmed interviews of musicians and friends with whom I have worked. Feel free to make any comment via the “Contacts” section.  »

Georges Alloro